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I happened to notice…



That a lot of Supernatural fans are also Leverage fans as well and vice versa. Or to be more specific, an Ackles fan is a Kane fan. Cause they’re both fuckin sexy. Am I right?

image —-> Fandom Family!

((They are also good friends, and so many actors have crossed over from SPN to Leverage!!
Now we just need CK to be on SPN. Can I please have him and Clayne Crawford playing Oodie brother style redneck hunters? PLEASE?)

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#RuleNumber7Day Facebook Cover Porn 5


#Leverage won the @PeoplesChoice Award for Best Cable Drama artwork by @SweetKaneLuvr @tntweknowdrama bet you’re regretting cancelling now!

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The almost extinct Red Wolf


The almost extinct Red Wolf


Eina Ahluwalia earrings ❤ liked on Polyvore (see more silver earrings)

"Okay, I’d wear these. "

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Wolf-29 by Dan Newcomb Photography on Flickr.

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Wolf-24 by Dan Newcomb Photography on Flickr.

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She ain’t into wine and roses Beer just makes her turn up her nose And, she can’t stand the thought of sippin’ champagne No Cuervo Gold Margaritas Just ain’t enough good burn in tequila She needs somethin’ with a little more edge and a little more pain She’s my little whiskey Girl My Ragged-on-the-edges girl Ah, but I like ‘em rough -Toby Keith, Whiskey Girl

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If you’re living in North Carolina and happen to hunt coyotes, please: make sure you know the difference between them and red wolves.

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission approved a temporary rule allowing spotlight hunting of coyotes at night throughout the state, including the area inhabited by the only wild population of red wolves, one of the world’s most endangered animals.

There are currently less than 100 red wolves in the wild, with about 150 in captive breeding programs. And unfortunately, some of the now wild red wolves are being mistaken by coyotes and getting killed.

A quick summary on their major differences:

  • Red wolves are larger than coyotes in both height and weight. Coyotes usually weigh between 25 and 35 pounds while Red Wolves usually weigh between 50 and 80 pounds. Red Wolves are more massive in the head, chest, legs and feet. There can be size overlap between the species. Some Red Wolves are in fact smaller that some Coyotes. Coyotes tend to have a longer, narrower, muzzle than Red Wolves do.
  • Coyotes have bushy tails than red wolves, and often hold it low to the ground.
  • Red wolves hunt in packs, while coyotes hunt primarily in pairs.
  • A wolf’s calls is termed as howls, while that of coyotes are termed as howl, yelps, and yips depending on the rise and fall of the note.

With so few red wolves left out there, every accidental killing is a huge loss. Please spread the word!

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